During remodeling of Imperial Station

I am remodeling my Imperial Station in the Heterocera continent. I spread siding from SLRR Main Line to the station yard. It’s still dummy siding. After having let the position of the track settle, I am going to report it to LDPW.

The lower part structure inside of the station is unfinished.

I remodeled it for the purpose of putting DD51 diesel-hydraulic locomotives at my station. They are already old locomotives, and they are really decreasing.

The big earthquake and tsunami destroyed refineries,oil tanks and gas stations of the Tohoku district. The blackout was extensive, and the people faced decisive lack of the fuel. And it snowed. The electric locomotive was unusable for the time being. If there are even a track and fuel, the diesel is available. The turn of the old soldiers,DD51s came over.

 However, they worked active for the stricken area support in the big earthquake of Japan well. The tanker train sent fuel to the stricken area through the track which it could pass to the stricken area that fell into serious lack of  fuel.

The upper video clip is the first train which carries fuel to the stricken area. It advances to the stricken area daringly carefully.

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