Orange Tree

There are the most of beautiful scenery in Private Sims in SL. The Mainland surely features an expanse of consecutive Sims. However, it is difficult to maintain a beautiful scene there. It is unknown what kind of construct inhabitants replaced frequently make there.

The maintenance cost of Private Sim is more expensive. But the owners of  them am not troubled by the odd construction of neighbors.

The SIM owner can devote itself to construction of SIM in line with one’s preference. The beautiful places of most that there was in Mainland before disappeared. Some of these might move to Private Sim in this way.

OutsideSIM is often used recently. And it is a special privilege of Private SIM. It can expand the scenery of one SIM.

The reason why I began SL was to make beautiful scenery. There were some beautiful Sims made by a Japanese first. However, they gradually decreased. Japanese SIMs specialized in business in SL is left. I’m not interested in those most. Of course the temperamental difference of many Japanese and me exists, too.

However, this beautiful place is not quiet all the time. A shallow man sometimes emerges in such a place. I want to look at beautiful scenery, but his expectations seem to be different.


Is it the cave filled with fog?

It’s surely a cave. I advanced in fantastic fog forward.

The fog cleared before long, and I stood on the damp ground.

Beautiful scenery only in the virtual world opened there. The producer can try own imagination in this world.

And fusion with beautiful scenery realistic.

The forest uses much prims in SL. However, it is indispensable for creation of the good forest. The narrow-minded person can live in the desert 🙂

And another cave…


It’s scenery to be enchanted by.

I listened attentively to music on a big leaf floated on the surface of the water for a while. Very good music is played in this SIM.

It’s certain that we are healed in the virtual world. It is remarkable in such SIM made well.

I spent it comfortably here at long time 🙂

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2 Responses to Orange Tree

  1. Noodleqt says:

    Yay! Architects and garden freaks would love SL, because they can design, build and walk through their designs. And not only that, – they can get feedback from other people. There are so many pretty places. Many of these are good for relaxation after a hefty day in RL. Once there was an island called Tranquility Garden. Beauuutiful place. Then it closed. Before Tranquility Garden, there was something called Tranquility Gardens with an s. Also very pretty, and then it disappeared. Anyways, I think it would be possible to make a blog dedicated to pretty places. So many things to see in SL. Art too for that matter, but thats beside the point. Ever been to Lands End? Go there before it closes too.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    I agree with you.
    The beautiful place is often sudden and is closed down in SL. It lets me feel sorry. However, I may find the new beautiful place. It satisfies my feeling in curiosity and feeling of satisfaction.

    Explore it in SL. I enjoy the process.And we may return good scenery to our land. We go on a voyage in good scenery and talk pleasantly with friends. It brings a good feeling in RL 🙂

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