2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami : “Det känns väldigt overkligt” from Sveriges Radio

Swedish national publicly funded radio broadcaster,Sveriges Radio AB (SR) reported a lot it about the Japanese big earthquake, tsunami and the accident at Fukushima nuclear power generation .

“It feels very unreal”

Here in Sweden live a lot of Japanese people who are worried about their relatives, who Yuko Ota who read law at the University of Gothenburg. Only today she got hold of his parents who live in Aizuwakamatsu, about 12 mil from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Through twitter, she received the day of the earthquake occurred out of his brother in Tokyo, the whole family was okay, but in recent days were still worried.

“You(Man?) never know so it felt terrible not being able to talk to them, but I feel better now.”
Yuko Ota said.

But when she gets hold of them, it has just been a new quake and still no one knows where the nuclear disaster will end. Yuko Ota think it feels surreal to follow the events from Sweden.

She says she has been a lot of the areas worst hit when she was little. Then they went to the coast for a swim. Now she’s hard to take the images she sees on TV.

“It feels very unrea for mel and I feel bad to hear how cities disappeared and death figure rises.”

Many Japanese who stayed in Sweden wrote words of the worry to Japan in their weblog. It was written all by Japanese. I hope that some of these are written in English.

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