My SL of Sunday

On Sunday in JST, I enjoyed SL. I talked with Hireighe early in the morning. We talked about the U.S. East Coast where she lived in for a long time. About NYC and NJ in particular.

Her and my English friend,Kaoru is visiting France in RL now.

And Andrew which I talked about is the French afterwards 🙂

When I practiced flying in the afternoon, I met Eve. She logged in from the Netherlands. I meet the people of various countries in SL. It gives me very valuable experience.

SL is very significant for me and is fun.

In SL, I can share time and scenery with the people of the far-off country. And we can share even an experience. Other SNS doesn’t have it. inWorlds is similar, too.

The virtual world gives me a sense of fulfilment.

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2 Responses to My SL of Sunday

  1. Please visit my scandinavian sim Midsomer County if you are inWorldz =) Just write the sim name in Map.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you 🙂
    I try login to inWorldz.
    And I will be a figure of the standard avatar then,lol.

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