A swedish girl’s Japanese Video

The Japanese which Sandra Holmberg living in Umeå speaks is good. Her Japanese is incorrect in some trifling parts. However, they have no problem. She can talk with Japanese equally.

And I was surprised that the people who commented on her in Japanese were not Japanese.

My surprise is two. I must grieve over lack of the Japanese communicative competence first. It suffers many misunderstandings that a Japanese does not talk to the global community in English. Many Japanese feel indignant at those misunderstanding and grieve.

Why do Japanese hesitate about English?  Japanese is afraid of failure. However, think. My English is full of mistakes. It may sometimes cause a result unlike my intention. However, it is dangerous to depend on Google translation. Japanese and the English difference do even that they translate the same sentence in an opposite way. It must be certainly evaded.

It is very important that I learn a language mutually.

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2 Responses to A swedish girl’s Japanese Video

  1. Playpsups says:

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  2. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you Playpsups.
    The trouble of my PC let me stop update of my blog for a long time.
    I was able to come back to my blog again 🙂

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