Sansara 2011:Raiden

It was September, 2009 that I began the exploration of the Sansara continent last time. My exploration began in the SIM,Raiden which was almost located in the center of the continent.
Sansara Driving : To Coast Town Sims

When I just visited there again, the nearby scenery changed.

There was not  Free Parking [hiro:Kafe] where I took out my car anymore.

The place is changed to KAMIKAZE SPEED~HoTRod Junkie’s Drive IN Cafe now. It does not have the change that an owner of the land is a Japanese. However, I don’t know the current owner.

 The other side of the road is KAMIKAZE SPEED ROD ! HOT RODShop. The shop seems to be a shop about well known Hot Rod somehow or other.

The tools by the Japanese creator of 19MOTORCYCLE,PaintO Jie are excellent. (JP)

By the way, the name of this SIM,Raiden is Japanese. And the names of SIMs around Raiden are Japanese again, too. They are Hachiman,Inari,Funadama,Benten,Daikoku,Fudo,Hotei,Kojin,Uzume,Dosojin,Yabune,
Shaka,Shoki,Ebisu,Kishijoten,Fujin,Tenjin,Yamato and Kaminari.

The names of  red characters are Japanese Seven Lucky Gods.

Fujin is God of the folk belief rather than God of the Shinto. Probably Uzume means Ame-no-Uzume. Shaka is Alias of Buddha.

It is unknown why Sims of the Japanese name is concentrated in this area.

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