Lång väg tillbaka för Ishinomaki : Long road back for Ishinomaki

from dn.se

Long road back for Ishinomaki

Eight hundred and thirty-eight hours after the tsunami disaster Mika Sugiyama hangs laundry on the balcony with the devastation in front of (her?) eyes. Her six year old son,Haruki has put on his desk gloves to look like a soccer goalie. His father found the dead bodies that floated up when the paper mill is cleared up.

Their interest seems to go to the accident of the nuclear power plant than a victim as far as I read the comment of readers. It is true.  The radioactivity which leaked by serious accident of Japanese nuclear power plant goes over the country border.

It’s the  man-made calamity by Tepco and the Japanese Government obviously. The chairperson and the vice-president of Tepco held a press conference today. However, they remained vague about concrete accident processing. As for the brand-new thing, nothing was announced.

Probably they hide something with the incompetence in ignorance. Their past many accident concealment proves it. Their constitution is compared to the Japanese military in World War II now. And the example is maximum booing for them.

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