2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami : True Japanese friend

from Yomiuri On Line

Japanese Minister of Defense,Toshimi Kitazawa visited the  nuclear-powered supercarrier of U.S.Navy, USS Ronald Reagan.

USS Ronald Reagan is active daringly now near a stricken area.

Kitazawa read the address of gratitude to the U.S. forces officers of Japanese prime minister on behalf.

“Your country is the greatest friend for us. We realized it again in this great disaster. We thank you heartily.”

“I am convinced that this Japan-U.S. joint strategy is recognized by both people and goes to the deepening of the further Japan-U.S. alliance.”

Kitazawa accompanied the United States Ambassador to Japan,John Roos.

And John Roos said.

“When Japanese all of you confront the future, various challenges, need us; any place never forget that the United States helps Japan at any time.”

The Japanese true friend has only United States and Taiwan in northeast Asia. In China and Korea, a Japanese true friend can be never enough.

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2 Responses to 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami : True Japanese friend

  1. ujiyasu says:

    Mera,I thought about most very much during this one month.
    And I was impressed by your gentleness.
    And my many similar world splendid friends.

    The life of my own is normal now.

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