2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami : TEPCO(2)

The Washington Post criticized the president of The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc(Tepco) in the article that was titled Vanishing act by Japanese executive during nuclear crisis raises questions

The fact that the president of Tepco vanished on the occasion of emergency is reported in Japan. Tepco didn’t answer about it for a while.

“Vanishing in times of crisis is something of a tradition among Japan’s industrial and political elite. During Toyota’s recall debacle last year, the carmaker’s chief also went AWOL”

The upper words express Japanese bad corporate culture precisely. As for it, there is difference in the quantity that one book can edit between only that purpose.

A tall tree catches much wind.
The Japanese society may be society full of jealousy. The true influential person is removed. And a harmless person with the incompetence stands in the top of the organization.

The president will have nothing this time. There is not the method that is good unless citizens criticize incompetent officers administering Tepco substantially severely and correct their wrong public road.

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