2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami : Russia, stop the surveillance flight near Japan

Russian warplanes came close to Air Defense Identification Zone、ADIZ after the big earthquake in Japan twice. Because they might have invaded Japanese air space, Japanese fighters took off.

Russian reconnaissance aircraft came close in the US Navy landing ship of the revival support duty on 17th. They seem to have spied upon the joint operation of the Japan Self-Defense Force and the United States Armed Forces.

Russian electronic warfare aircrafts and fighters came close on 21st. It seems that they tried ability for Japanese air defense in the great disaster then.

Japanese interceptor,202 F-15s and 18 E-2Cs airborne early warning (AEW) aircrafts and 4 E-767s airborne early warning and control aircrafts,they are flawless.

However, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force uses the most of helicopters and carriers for the support of the stricken area now. The approach of the Russia force airplane obstructs stricken area support activity. It may plunge the inhabitants of the stricken area into a crisis more.

Russia force, please stop an approach to the Japanese air space.

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