2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami : A welcomed person and the person who are not so

The United States Ambassador to Japan,John Victor Roos and the married couple of the Commander, U.S. Pacific Command,United States Navy admiral,Robert F. Willard visited the elementary school of stricken area for consolation on 23rd(JST).

About 1,200 victims are continuing refuge life in the elementary school.

The ambassador Roos said with a sad expression.

“I was speechless at a pitiful terrible sight of here at first. However, I was impressed by the figure which lived powerfully of all of you. The United States of America will support any kind of thing to Japanese friends.”

The Japanese victims gave him grand applause. He knelt and He held the shoulder of the inhabitants who sat down and encouraged it.

Admiral Willard presented dolls to a girl of 7 years old that he suffered from.

“Thank you very much.I can play with my friends with the dolls”

She said. And she gave him a folded paper crane for reward.

On the other hand, the vice-president of  Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc.was shouted at in the refuge where he dropped in at for apology by victims, and it was repelled.

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