2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami : Possibility to the nuclear reactor control

Power supply repair work was finished in Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant on 22nd. This power plant has six nuclear reactors. Unit5 and unit6 were already cooled and were stabilized.

The check of the machinery of the central control room and  the check of the electric system seems to be hurried for cooling function recovery of unit1~4 now.

Unit3/4 was different from original expectation, and there was little damage by the tsunami. In the both nuclear reactors, it was confirmed illumination of the central control room and that instruments operated. In addition unit4 was able to confirm the operation of the cooling pump, too.

It is thought that the pressure restraint room of the nuclear reactor storage container lower part is damaged as for unit2. Therefore, a central control room and the repair of the coolant circulation system are continued there.

On the other hand, the drainage by the firefighting was continued.

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