Amaretto Limited Edition – Sakura Blossom Horse

Amaretto Breedables released Sakura Blossom Horse. It’s a horse to help with a relief effort for an earthquake and a tsunami victim in Japan. The cherry blossom which all the Japanese like is drawn on the body of the horse. They cooperate with Southern Tier HealthLink.

They will be donating 100% of the proceeds to AmeriCares. These special horses will be available until March 25th.

Amaretto Breedables>**Japan Relief Fundraiser**

The cherry blossom affects japanese culture deeply. It is not decided legally, but is considered to be one of theJapanese  national flower. The yaezakura is one of variety of sakura. It has large flowers, thick with rich pink petals.

I named my horse Yae in connection with yaezakura. It’s one of the names of the Japanese women. I pray for Japanese revival so that Yee grows up every day. Many victims were not able to watch the cherry blossom of this year. They must be wrapped in a cherry blossom in heaven.

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