2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami : Incompetent Japanese Government and the daring United States Armed Forces

2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami already imposed one serious crisis conquest on a Japanese citizen other than the support for the serious damage of the stricken area. Of course we lose a family and lose a neighbor and lose a house and should support the maximum to the people of a stricken area lacking food and water.

However, on the other hand, I am astonished, and we must be frightened by the serious crisis that a huge electric power company caused at the metropolitan area.

The nuclear power plant which they managed was made to break down by a tsunami with cooling means. And they did not want to show information and increased crises. Their unskillful crisis measure was useless.

The Japanese existing leftist government is powerless for this crisis. Newly another nuclear reactor caught fire. Who is it to have extinguished a fire of the fire of the nuclear reactor? It is the United States Armed Forces. They entered daringly and extinguished a fire.

The Japanese anti-U.S.A. left does not have a viewpoint. Many Japanese must have noticed loftiness of the Japan-U.S. alliance.

In any case the Japanese existing leftist government must be destroyed by the next election. And the Japanese citizen will pay the pitiful price in the meantime.

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