2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami : The Japanese Government, disclose all information

About unit1 of Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant that taking time to do with restoration by a giant earthquake. The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. which administered this Nuclear Power Plant opened a valve to suppress the pressure in the nuclear reactor and  discharged radioactive material to the air. And they injected seawater in a nuclear reactor to stop meltdown and began cooling. The preparation to the quake resistance of the nuclear power generation was not useful, and this trouble is in a considerably serious state.

The injection of the seawater to the nuclear reactor means the disposal of the nuclear reactor. They said that there was not the power supply of the pump to put seawater in a nuclear reactor at first. However, they began it just before meltdown. Did they tell a lie so far?

The opposition party criticizes the information disclosure of government / Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. in this trouble intensely. The neighboring inhabitants were forced to the change of the refuge place by instructions of the inappropriate government. And a part of inhabitants was exposed to radioactivity.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. and the government are not going to still disclose all the information. The government must disclose all information to citizen immediately. It is betrayal to the world if they hide something.

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