2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami : The incompetent prime minister

Sympathy for Japan, and Admiration  by Nicholas D. Kristof, a columnist of  The New York Times describes some correct Japan.

government’s incompetence“,it continues being true now. The people of Japanese state politics are surprisingly useless. Their incompetence stands out in the present earthquake.

The Japanese people themselves were truly noble in their perseverance and stoicism and orderliness. There’s a common Japanese word, “gaman,” that doesn’t really have an English equivalent, but is something like “toughing it out.”

There is not Japan originally in a rich country. And Japan is a country having much natural disaster in the world. There are resignation in a certain meaning, it in the heart of Japanese people by Buddhism and Shinto. However, it does not mean the abandonment of the life. The Japanese people try to overcome difficulty by patience and an effort.

The Japanese prefers mutual cooperation to a worthless politician. Of course it is Japanese people to have chosen worthless politicians.

The incompetence of the government reaches the top. Prime Minister Naoto Kan approved the enforcement of the rolling blackouts in the metropolitan area suddenly in the night of 13th. At this chance the announcement to inhabitants was insufficient. The citizens of the metropolitan area were surprised at most of the trains not moving this morning. As for most inhabitants, commuting became impossible. In this situation the economy of Tokyo falls into the paralysis.

There are few Japanese citizens who have already trusted this Democratic Party Administration. The prime minister confuses Japan on a whim.

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