A big earthquake

It was sudden and the earth shook greatly. I was in the fourth floor of the building in Yokohama then. I experienced an earthquake sometimes till now. However, this big earthquake surprised me. It was difficult for me to have already stood.

The big rolling continued very for a long time. Fortunately, my workplace did not have the damage. However, the continuation of the work became impossible for suspension of water supply and a blackout at the same time.

The damage of this earthquake is serious in the North Japan that is near to the seismic center. All the trains were stopped in a metropolitan area. Therefore, a lot of citizens were not able to escape including me from the city. The police did not admit the service of the train until the middle of the night. It’s unskillful measures. An enormous citizen became city refugees

The water? The food? The return means? The Yokohama authorities appointed a criticism place. However, the place was cold, and one piece of blanket seemed to be given. I didn’t look to such a thing.

Many people waited for the service reopening of the train like me. And, in the middle of the night, the service of the train was reopened slowly. And, in the middle of the night, the service of the train was reopened slowly. I arrived at my home safely at last.

My house was flawless. And I’m shocked close against information of the big damage in the epicenter.

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9 Responses to A big earthquake

  1. Aaw it’s good to hear that you are safe and home again..*hugs*

  2. Nish Mip says:

    How terrible So glad you are ok Take care Uji

  3. I hope you dont have to work today and can get some extra sleep. take care

  4. quark Melody says:

    I am glad to hear you are safe and were eventually able to get home
    Take care.

  5. ujiyasu says:

    Gittrika, fortunately my house was flawless. And electricity / city gas / the water service is normal. Thanks a lot!! **hugs**

    Nish,Thanks a bunch!
    I’m surprise on the earth vibrating so much…

    Yes,Mera. I spent several hours for return in an evening and was numb with cold.
    I intend to spend Sunday/Saturday for rest 🙂

    quark,are you still staying in Tokyo?
    Or did you come back to the U.K.?
    I’m pleased with your safety if you stay in Tokyo.

  6. baker b. says:

    Great to hear you are okay, fellow explorer.

  7. ujiyasu says:

    baker,as for me, Japan recovers itself and wishes I explore Mainland again.

  8. June Trefoil says:

    ujiyasu, all of these troubles are so heavy in Japan. I am relieved to see you writing.

  9. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you,June 🙂
    Japanese own has the one of the causes that deteriorated the situation.
    This is a serious trial.

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