Sick :-II

I cannot get rid of this cold. However, the symptom is finally getting better. 

When I logged in to SL after an interval of three days, some of my horses were tormented by hunger. I must supply them with food first.

And one horse suffered from a disease in the worst thing. The cause is that choice of food of the horse is changed without permission. Though I do not change the setting of the horse, the setting changes. In most cases, as for them, setting of food is changed without permission. I think the phenomenon to be a bug.

I feel exasperating that I purchase a healing kit for recovery.

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6 Responses to Sick :-II

  1. Oh I hope your horse will be ok! I also have a bad cold and fever atm and it seems stubborn. Take care!!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    We are disgusted at our bad cold.
    And we want to recover from the cold as soon as possible.
    I give a spell of the ill healing to you 🙂

  3. Thanks! Im so sorry about the earth quake situation you have =( I hope you live far from it *hugs*

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you,Mera. I’m safe.
    I must look a tragic incident in the North Japan in the face.
    A catastrophe…

  5. Yes its a disaster im so sorry for all victims of this ***Hugssss**** =(

  6. ujiyasu says:

    Mera,I appreciate your kindness.
    The damage of the earthquake spreads after time.

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