B-17 Flying Fortress RAF Coastal Command

When I did sailing in an area in the USS, Nyan and Shana flew in the neighborhood. Before long, I went to the Hollywood airport where they got down on. Mukuta was there, too.

We fly the mainland sky by Shana’s bomber. Shana is one of the superior creators of the airplane in SL.

I asked whether there was the plan that release F4U to Shana.

“Of course”

She said. She seems to be already producing F4U. I’m a great fan of F4U. I strongly hope that her F4U is released.

And look!!

What a wonderful B-17!  This is B-17 Flying Fortress RAF Coastal Command.

This is a very elegant B-17. 

A  jet trainer which flies in parallel with my B-17. The large-sized bomber is full of presence.

My B-17 seems to be a whale. I can feel a favorable atmosphere from neighboring airplanes. My B-17 continued flying slowly. It’s the virtual world powerful charm to share sympathy across the border.

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