Trudeau One


I valued a new yacht of Trudeau,Trudeau One. I didn’t have a yacht so far. My main avatar,ujiyasu had her yachts. 

I rezzed my Trudeau One.  All of yachts by Trudeau are elegant:)

An American national flag flutters on my yacht. This flag seems to be changed.

 Anyway, I started sailing.

Trudeau One was designed based on International One Design.

I was overtaken on a big yacht. I didn’t yet read the manual then.

However, this yacht can sail by intuitive operation to some extent.

I must read the manual carefully. Many new functions seem to be added to this yacht.

Oh!! A whale.

My voyage was blessed by the whale 🙂

I like Trudeau One very much. 

I found De Havilland Beaver made by Tig.

We can change the flag of this yacht. I raised Swedish naval flag in my yacht. However, it’s a real mistake. The white part of the naval flag is not necessary.

I changed it for a national flag. By the way, I read the manual from now on 🙂

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