The chain of the revolution

The 2010–2011 Tunisian revolution/Jasmine Revolution spread to Middle East / N.Afr. countries. It is generally a security force to oppress citizens in an autocracy. Defence Force generally have  loathsomeness for such a duty.

It was mercenaries in Libya and Bahrain that anyone accomplished a duty to hate. They are violence devices for dictators. The figure of the dictator who does not believe one’s nation is brutal.  How should the global community do its best?

There is still the autocracy a lot. For example, North Korea and China around Japan. Those countries intercept the information of the revolution.

However, it is impossible to conceal all even if it is any kind of dictatorial regime now. The world moves busily…

And I hope that the Middle East and the citizens of N.Afr. countries regain tranquility as soon as possible.

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