Amaretto Breedable Horse Version 2.0

Amaretto Breedable horses updated to 2.0 suddenly. I heard it from my Japanese friend. She was discouraged in a new version.

“Look my horses.”

She said.

The appearance and the hue of horses changed. Was realistic reproduction of horses planned in 2.0?  However, it may have got rid of loveliness of horses. She told the end of the breeding of the horse to me sorrowfully.

I don’t want to really do the update to 2.0, too. However, I must take it forcibly by March 5.

Such a violent update loses trust from clientage in Japan. As well as this time, the sudden behavior of LL in SL continued reducing Japanese users. The Japanese users like lovely horses.

Jaysin talks for eloquence in Amaretto Breedables. It seems barefaced to me. The preference of users is not same. And the users began a heated argument in a forum. “Is this a joke..? ” 

By the way. How should I have it?

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2 Responses to Amaretto Breedable Horse Version 2.0

  1. Do they change their looks a lot?? I dont know anything about those Amaretto horses sorry to say

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Of course it depends on each preference. The new horse generally became a more realistic figure. However, it lost the loveliness of the conventional horse. I intend to upload the snapshots of old and new horses in the next contribution.

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