A car skids in Örebro in Närke intensely.


The woman announcer muttered. Swedish spoken in this area is called Gnällbältet. Intonation is thought to compare it with Stockholm modestly.

All countries produce the difference of the language slightly by each district.


Anyway, there is not Sweden by the exception, too.

Swedish is interesting.

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5 Responses to Gnällbältet

  1. Hahaa no it doesnt sound so sweet, this dialect 😉

  2. ujiyasu says:

    A whine-like tone.
    It’s a facetious or derogatory term for the area in central Sweden…

    What is the name of the precise dialect?

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  4. ujiyasu says:

    Ahh,OK 🙂
    Mera,I looked at Sveamål of wiki.

    Tack så mycket!!

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