Lithuania and Hokkaido

A Lithuanian conservative politician,a member of the European Parliament,Vytautas Landsbergis told to a Japanese newspaper that there is the right to demand Kuril Islands in Japan and Japan doesn’t have to be afraid of Russia.

“There does not seem to be the Soviet Union now. However, there is still it for political culture. Russia is the empire where it is not accepted the loss of the colony. They persist in the empire. Russia is going to let “a partner” be subordinate with politics, economy, a military aspect. It in itself is “a Russian menace”.

Russia is closing an oil pipeline as a punishment for Lithuania from 2006. They sell the natural gas of the highest price to Lithuania in Europe. Russia uses resources as a political weapon. Lithuania thinks about a method to escape from energy dependence by Russia seriously.

The Russian military threat exists, too. Though Lithuania is a member nation of NATO, the Russian military campaign in the neighborhood of border is very active. Disproportion and the inappropriate armaments are deployed in Russian enclave, the Kaliningrad state.

Russia did cyber attack in Estonia which was a NATO member in 2007. In addition, Russia overcomes the repulsion of the neighborhood country and is going to obtain four French well-known Mistral grade assault ships. This is a great attack weapon to the coast countries. Russia wants to do negotiations of economy and the politics while thrusting a gun at the head of neighbor countries.

1 in four Mistral grade assault ships is going to be deployed to the Japanese northern territories(according to the recent information, there are 2). They intends to threaten Japan as well as Baltic States and Georgia, too.

Russia doesn’t need friends and the equal partners. They think that Russia should be feared. We must face each other for own dignity for Russia. Japan does not need to be afraid of Russia. When the Soviet Union intervened in Lithuania by force of arms in January, 1991, Iceland approved independent recovery of Lithuania at the very beginning. Iceland was not afraid of Russia (the Soviet Union).

There is a right to demand (by the return of the northern territories) in Japan, and there is power in Russia. When a Russian thought changed, the territorial problem will be settled. Therefore I don’t know how long time is necessary…”

Russia holds the strong armaments in Far Eastern Military District(It was integrated with Siberian Military District recently). And the Russian Secretary of Defense ordered the reinforcement.

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force has one armored division and one division and two small brigades for Hokkaido defense. We cannot lose Hokkaido. There is my beloved hometown. When Russia extended a feeler to Hokkaido, they become a true invader.

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