Russia criticizes Japan island dispute


Kunaširin view of the island, which includes the islands of the Kurile Islands of Japan and the Russian border.


Moscow. Russia strongly criticizes the islands of Japan, the Kurile Islands dispute. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, according to Japan’s actions are unacceptable.

Countries are shown with the Japanese coast in the islands, occupied by Soviet troops at the end of the Second World War. Both islands hold their own. Russia intends to invest in the islands of more weapons.

Countries’ foreign ministers are trying to assuage controversy.

Kuril Islands dispute is a dispute between Japan and Russia that are not yet solved. According to the Russian say, the archipelago is war trophies from Japan. However, the Soviet Union began attack to Japan after Japan accepted Potsdam Declaration.

Stalin schemed acquisition of North Hokkaido. The end of the war next continued invading and attacking until the end of August, too, and the Soviet Union force occupied Sakhalin. A battle was started newly in the Chishima Islands after August 18 and did not stop invasion until September 4 after the surrender document sealing while taking protest from the U.S. Government.

The reason why Russia persists in the possession of the Chishima Islands now is that they want to take economic value away from Japan. Make it which, and they do not have the intention to convert the Chishima Islands into Japan. Therefore, Japan should not get on their provocation.

And Japan must not trust them.

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