Heterocera : Spangle

The SIM,Spangle. which is located in the northeast edge of the Heterocera continent. After all the center is Spangle Station of SLRR. This station is the largest in stations of SLRR. Stations of SLRR are very usually small. It seems to be totally a platform of the streetcars.

However, Spangle Station has the appearance of the train station.

This station isn’t a station of the big city. The coil which was left. The swicher. which doesn’t move. It’s only a small station of the countries. However, it’s splendid scenery.

The platform is realistic. The stations of SLRR are particularly fantastic in Main Line.

What’s that door?


LDPW sometimes does a practical joke. I hate a spider.

I left the station and proceeded to St Alpa’s Cathedral in the east of SLRR track. A clergyman of the Cathedral is a Japanese.

 Light of the sun is used effectively in the inside of the Cathedral.

It ‘s written that a furniture store,Bella Donna produced the inside of the sanctuary. And teleport to the furniture store is possible by a click with the left signboard.

Finally I visited the forest of Patrizia Robbiani.  It’s the southeastern forest of Spangle.

Most of this forest consists of it by Linden Plants. The production of the forest which is splendid by the trees which anyone owns in inventry is possible. This forest is the good sample.

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