Sumobrottare gjorde upp via sms


Japanese sumo wrestling seems to be facing yet another gaming scandal. Police have found evidence that wrestlers have made up for matches by sending text messages to each other.

“When I attack, so you fall, ” reads one of the messages.

It is prohibited by betting on sumo wrestling in Japan. Last year was rolled in a larger game tangle up.

I’m not interested in sumo, but I agrees with the contents which Patrik commented.
“Any sport that is based on the struggle between two individuals are always at risk of match fixing. If it is then called boxing, wrestling or sumo can of course set off.”
He wrote it.
The one of the causes of the fixed game of sumo wrestlers is the issue of their service. Their big body isn’t made of fat. It’s a strengthened muscle.
In the game which they collide with intensely, they are always in danger of the injury. However, they must fight successfully through a constant match. Association of sumo neglected care for their injury.
There are many Japanese who consider it to be a Japanese special competition in the sumo. However, there are the sumo wrestlers of many foreigners in reality.
This submits an important problem for the continuation of the sumo. A method to retain it only as Japanese traditional performance. The method how another establishes sumo as international sports with overseas people of intelligence.
I think that it is the time when sumo should choose the either.
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