Heterocera : The North Coast branch line (SLRR)

I ran for the North Coast branch line with my diesel. It is Heterocera Main line from Bhaga Station to Crumbi Junction.

Second Life Wiki>Second Life Railroad

The unmanned trains which run automatically increased recently. I have not watched the passenger of the train. What kind of meaning do those trains have?

Even an unmanned car sometimes runs on a track…

I rode my locomotive onto North Coast branch line in Crumbi Junction.

The track diverges to the left. However, the private track and switchyard are put on sale.

And a track diverged this time to the right.

My locomotive was in the right branch line. The branch line is dead-end immediately.

Pawpaw Junction

The scenery around Tussock Station changed.

 Melanthia Station.

Plusia Radioactive Railway Station

I arrived at the terminal of the North Coast branch line, Spangle Station.

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4 Responses to Heterocera : The North Coast branch line (SLRR)

  1. It is wonderful to see the SLRR stations. They all have different look and shape.:)
    I wonder if the unmanned trains causes lag? They seems to be unnecessary on the tracks.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    SLRR Stations have characteristics different each. And some private tracks have begun to be connected to SLRR recently.

    And,yes,the unmanned trains seems needlessly 🙂

  3. Kit Ciaco says:

    I live on the Atoll and spend many a night toruing the roads and tracks – I love the trolleys! Thanks for a great blog!

  4. ujiyasu says:

    SLRR was expanded recently. And some personal tracks increase, too.
    Public roads and the railroad are important infrastructure for movement in the Mainland. We can have tour of the Mainland without minding Ban Line by them 🙂

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