SL for oneself

There are people insisting that SL ended in Japan. They find fault with poorness of the graphic drawing in SL. And they complain unless they understand what they should do in SL. It led many Japanese to the wrong recognition that a Japanese major advertising agency introduced SL as a place of the business in 2007.

However, it is impossible to gain money easily in SL. The calculating Japanese left SL rapidly. Each decides what each does in SL. I think that it’s the most important.

Pleasure is not what is given in SL. We create it in SL.

The motive that I started SL is to be able to build the scene. Most 3D gamings are scenes provided by the authorities. However, it is not stimulating for me.

Of course the reason to log in to SL is each one. And, as for SL, tolerance level is wide. I can make environment living in the North Europe in SL. Such free 3D world is very valuable for me.

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2 Responses to SL for oneself

  1. quark Melody says:

    You are right. Whatever you want from SL you have to put in effort. That is SL’s attraction for many but also its great downfall for many others. It seems in Japan there is much competition to SL however. Without generalizing too much , it seems many Japanese are or were not prepared to venture beyond the comfortable Japanese areas of SL, prepared in some cases by companies such as the marketing company you mention. Obviously Ujiyasu isnot one of these and is prepared to challenge yourself use all the experiences available and make SL what you want.

    Thanks for writing a wonderful and thought-provoking blog

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Because the biggest reason why many Japanese live only with themselves in SL cannot speak English well. Of course my English cannot be correct, too.

    However, it doesn’t become the reason that I don’t speak in English. SL has the environment that can talk with the people of many countries. It’s very useful for the mutual understanding of world people.

    And it’s joy for me to create something in SL 🙂
    And thank you for your wonderful comment.

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