Why cannot we Japanese finish work at the appointed hour?(1)


The Japanese labor productivity (the amount of value-added creation per employee) is last in main advanced 7 countries(U.S.A., British, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan). Why will productivity be such low in a Japanese?

As for many old Japanese who were used to lifetime employment, custom of the seniority, consciousness to the productivity is very low. They found value in working in long time.

The productivity was pursued only in a factory in Japan. As a result, many blue-collars were robbed of the job by robots. However, the labor custom that was non-efficiency of white-collars was kept.

The long-term continuation of the bad times became careful for the new employment of youths in the Japanese society which had difficulty with layoff very. It means aging of employees. Japanese many companies lost vitality in this way. There are the companies which became spare nursing homes now in the Japanese company.

The Japanese company where is full of old people does not have hopeful future. They dislike  changes. In other words they continue with the work that is non-efficiency stubbornly. And they force the labor that is the non-efficiency on us.

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