Från SL-Gittrika’s Liv och Vardag

Tove Styrke Bloggen mentioned my article,”A change”. The summary of my article was written in the weblog definitely.

En japansk bloggare berättar att hans/hennes humör blev förstört när en leverantör levererade en massa skadat gods på fredagseftermiddagen och det blev extrajobb. För att komma iform och bli glad igen inför helgen behövdes bara en kopp kaffe och …

 Jag är kvinna 🙂

Styrke has modelled for some women’s magazines.

Oops,I must write the subject.

I was surprised that I read SL-Gittrika’s liv och vardag.

Japanese racetrack 1

Japanese racetrack 2

I have visited Kitamati SIM sometimes before. However, there was not the circuit then. I knew the existence of the circuit after having watched her Web log.

I passed slurl written down in her weblog and did teleport to Kitamachi. The starting grid was named Sekisyo(checking station).

Indeed, a wooden circuit circulates through the SIM. I will run here by mt vehicle later. Gittrika,thank you for useful information 🙂

I walked from the south gate of the SIM to next SIM.

I dropped in at 19 MOTORCYCLE first.

Therefore vintage motorcycles are sold.

I want these tools and tool box.

I visited EDO Daikoku-do the Origin next. The shop is a Shinto shrine.

Japanese-style textures are sold here. And those quality is very good.


 Many farmhouses in the Japanese early modern times are sold here. Those houses are not houses of the samurai rank. These are houses of the farmer rank to the last.

Those farmhouses are very good, and the state of that time is reproduced. And it’s very simple in the house.

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6 Responses to Från SL-Gittrika’s Liv och Vardag

  1. I love 19 MotorCycle bikes and stuff. Was one of my first and still driving as a fool dirty tracks and cruising.

    Lovely works,

  2. ujiyasu says:

    You are already one of 19 MotorCycle’s owner 🙂

  3. The bikes at 19 looks great. I always go by car, but I must try a bike soon 🙂

  4. ujiyasu says:

    I don’t yet own a motorcycle, too.
    It’s necessary for me to know motorcycles in SL 🙂

  5. Absolutly!

    I was long time deep in racing and cruising motorbikes in SL.
    Dealing a dedicated shop.

    And for sure, realism and fun for riding a 19teen it’s a must to feel…

    Call for a ride! Even a speed dirty track!

    Look that, soon will be again on the track looking for a place, but that time was gloriuos! 😉

  6. ujiyasu says:

    elMegro ,your site is splendid and cool!!
    The trial motorcycle in SL is interesting.
    And the yacht cruising, too.

    I want time to enjoy more SL 🙂

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