A change


…(At last I finished my work of  this week…)

I was troubled this week by violent handling freight by the delivery supplier to my workplace. In an unbelievable thing, the most of them were damage.

I was made to do unnecessary work to negotiate with the supplier.

I must change my feeling for the happy weekend.  I watch a video of Tove Styrke while drinking coffee. Tove Östman Styrke,born in Umeå is a  Swedish singer.

I hit on a flight while I listened to her music.

I flew it in Snowlands in the Sansara continent.

 The environment of today’s Snowlands is good.

 My F4U flies it comfortably.

 I repeated a sudden rise and a swoop. The swoop of F4U of THI may be the best level in SL.

 When an opportunity of the reascension is late, F4U will crash into the ground easily.

 My F4U cannot do movement such as the acrobatic feats airplane to be able to put in other SL.

 However, it means an airplane full of more faithfulness.

 If there is not even the problem of the SIM border, this F4U is a powerful fighter.

 F4U shoots down an enemy fighter by hit and away.

After a flight, I felt better 🙂

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