I visited the SIM named Valhal. I associated Valhalla for the name. It’s the enormous hall of Odin in North Europe myth. Valhalla is spelled with Valhall in Swedish. And it’s spelled with Valhal in Danish.

It was written as follows by description of the land.

“roleplay clothing gor gorean medieval middleage outfits Fantasy elven celtic free woman  roman  viking cloaks  Leather Tartan kilt kilts romantic  explore dance couple dance tanzen romantik  navi  hair pandora hair navi clothing fre”

What’s that?

The hall resembles “Walhalla” which a German painter in the 19th century,Max Brückner drew.

It’s store integrally here.

I take a walk around the SIM.

There is a forest filled with a haze.

And the toadstool…


It’s British remains. The Celts culture is sub tema of here.

There is not the scenery of pure North Europe myth here. It’s European scenery here in the Middle Ages broader.

This rock Beach is made well.

That wrecked ship isn’t viking ship.

Wonderful colored leaves 🙂

There may have been such house in the North Europe in those days.

How about the then North European women? I was interested in it.

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2 Responses to Valhal

  1. Looks like an exciting place, and btw I love that sweater 🙂

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Yes,it has a good scene and an atmosphere of the Northern Europe 🙂
    sweater… My sweater?
    They have it of red and the white.

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