Patching up our alliance with Japan

from the Washington Post

The editorializer of The Washington Post,Fred Hiatt had the experience of the Tokyo Branch Chief.

The Japanese ex-Prime Minister,Hatoyama  rose in danger to destroy Japan-U.S. alliance. Perhaps he was the Japanese worst prime minister between these dozens of years. He was criticized intensely by Japanese citizens and left.  He was a ravager of the alliances.

The Chinese behavior of the last year brought a result to let Asian countries come close to U.S.A. All realized that China was a totalitarianism nation again. China forces selfish sense of values on us.

The damage that the stupid prime minister who left it in only a half year gave to the Japan-U.S. alliance is big. However, we should restore it. The Japan-U.S. alliance contributes to Asian total stability in Asia.

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