The sickness in Mainland

The movement between SIM by the vehicle in Mainland often produces an obstacle recently. Havok and a new server seem to have been introduced in SL approximately at the same time recently. It’s unknown whether it’s caused by them.

Anyway, I fall during a flight well. It’s in an impossible state so far. Even if I drive my car as for it, I fall into the same state.

I am transferred to the corner of SIM and cannot move then. And my vehicle disappears. I must refrain from the movement by the vehicle for a while. LL may not solve this problem immediately. They are going to let customers inspect malfunction.

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4 Responses to The sickness in Mainland

  1. I’ve suffered that issue a lot of time last weeks.
    I let apart JIRA or othe non-stop-forum-blog-system, I’m tired of spent my RL in that weird programmer on SL development.

    INstead to solve and improve their small dwarf “regions”, Linden make deaf about resident who still install paranoid banning and fullfilling their lands, avoiding any chance to cross over. Even, who’s installing over range security systems that cover their neighbourg land or a public protected land… Worst that ugly privacy screens for void taste users.

    Well… what a sick small world…

  2. ujiyasu says:

    For example, none of us will become go to use it if the online system of the bank is a level of SL.

    What is different?
    It’s having reliability or not.

    LL seems to like adventure – carelessness.
    LL is surely a small company. However, it is not indulgence for the lack of the reliability.

  3. Mera Kranfel says:

    I also had an invisible obstacle at my mainland parcel a long time. I couldnt walk or sail from my land only TP. It took them almost 3 months to answer my support ticket….

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Ahh,poor Mera…
    Why are they reaction slow?
    Though it is a small company, they are bureaucratic.

    And the development section is groundless.
    Do they sleep in the daytime? 🙂

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