Fjorton suger

Fjorton suger(Fourteen Sucks) is a Swedish film from 2004. The chief character of this movie is Emma of 14 years old. And she lives with her parents and her older brother Marcus in a terrace house in Skåne of the Swedish southern part. Swedish girl seems to mature than Japanese girl as a same year.

Her older brother,Marcus is very handsome. However, contact between her and Marcus is not so good because he mostly thinks she is a tough and persistent little sister.

I can understand some lines spoken in things of this movie. Because they aren’t talkative like American. It’s a part resembling a Japanese movie.

However, I was not able to understand all the lines. If there are English subtitles, I can understand more. However, I may gradually deepen understanding by watching the movie many times.

Yes,the movie helps my Swedish learning 🙂

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One Response to Fjorton suger

  1. Yuck. Scary movie. Creepy dude. Poor girl.

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