Svenska Hus

House, Ie (Japanese), Hus(Swedish) are the same concepts. However, the name in Sweden is considerably different from Japan about the details. There is the division of a single-family house(Ikko-Date,一戸建て) and the multifamily housing(Shugou-Jutaku,集合住宅) in Japan. I examined the classification of the house in Sweden.

The single house seems to be called Småhus(Detached house) in Sweden. According to wiki of Swedish, småhuset is sorted by some forms.

A villa is a detached single-family dwellings intended to be a single family’s housing,but they tend to distinguish between house and cottage.

Ett parhus (semi-detached house) is a house intended for two households.

Kedjehus(terraced houses) are a type of townhouse, however, has a more detached character than these.

Ett fritidshus (cottage) is a house in rural areas.

Radhus(townhouse) denotes residential buildings are linked together in the outer walls.

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