Heaven helps those who help themselves

from Sankei News

“This BBS merely has one rule. Don’t write the negative image of an idol.”

The big photograph of the Japanese idol group,AKB48 is carried with the sentence written in Chinese. The name of the BBS is AKB48粉糸倶楽部(The AKB48 fan club).

The popularity of AKB48 seems to be high in China. The Chinese net was satisfied to Japanese criticism in the Chinese fishing boat collision case that happened the other day. Naturally criticism comment to the Japanese was written in the BBS.

The Chinese youths repelled these comment. The most of Chinese fans of AKB48 are the teens. They didn’t take anti-Japan education like the Jiang Zemin times.

Perhaps the improvement of the future Japan-China relations may take it for activity of they young Chinese. Youths must create the Earth history. China is convinced that the system of the Communist Party autocracy collapses sometime soon. Nobody of us knows how is the future.

However, the both sympathy in the culture weakens opposition. We coexist in one planet. And we have a qualification to enjoy prosperity together.

The Japanese politics and economy were wretched from the last year to this year. It is childish government administration and a result of the internal trouble of the Democratic Party Administration. The Japanese citizen has done the worst choice in election. I will write it about it later. The Japanese old people controlled political economy, but failed. They had neither the progress nor the improvement nor the humility.

I expect Japanese rebuilding of younger people. The old men don’t part with own vested interest. However, Japanese few youths cannot feed a lot of old men by rapid society aging. And the existing government avoids being concerned with the problem.

Heaven helps those who help themselves.

Our generation must make an effort.

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