Swedish abnormal cold

The Japanese woman living in Skåne who married Swede writes weblog,The Swedish four seasons(JP). The topic that Tomte(Santa Claus) came to her house is written there. And she says that this winter is abnormally cold.

The traffic is delayed by snow and ice, and a bus is delayed very much. The water pipe freezes up, and it’s suspension of water supply.

If Skåne is so cold, how cold is Stockholm?

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6 Responses to Swedish abnormal cold

  1. Mera Kranfel says:

    Stockholm has had 20 degrees celcius below zero and thats colder than normal this time of year, yes. The ocean streams has changed its ways from 2009 and thats why we have these situation. Problably because the environmental issue with global warmth they changetd its course. So I guess we may have to have more of these winters in the future?

    Hugs and happy holidays!! =) //aka Vesper Kling

  2. ujiyasu says:

    20 degrees Celsius below zero are very cold!!
    I experienced 20 degrees Celsius below zero in Middle Hokkaido, too.
    Then I set up a tent with my friends and slept in it, besides. The tent was protection against the cold specifications, but, as for us, it was not really slept.

    The small kerosene stove did not warm us at all. And my foot was almost frozen, and I wound a blanket around a foot and was in the sleeping bag. We dug snow and should have made a cave.

    By the way Mera,did you eat Julskinka?

  3. Eddie Stallion says:

    Stockholm is so cold so the polarbears are moving to Japan 😉

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Hahaha,are white bears movement to Japan?
    YW 🙂

    The best temperature of Sunday in Göteborg is 5 degrees Celsius below zero, and minimum temperature seems to be 11 degrees Celsius below zero.

    Confusion continues in big chill now in the Europe.
    Eddie,be careful about a cold.

  5. Mera Kranfel says:

    Nah only salmon and some “sill”. I have no apetite what so ever, i have the seasonal flu =(


  6. ujiyasu says:

    Awww,poor Mera

    Did you take the cold medicine?
    And be wrapped up in a warm blanket { }
    Take care,Mera.


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