Viking and Samurai


 I love the stavkirke(stave church) in Norge. Unfortunately SIMs having North European scenery is a tendency to decrease in SL.

The viking of Denmark went into the various places in north France. It was related to the formation of Normandy deeply before long. They went into the British eastern part.

The Norwegian viking went into Orkney Islands and Shetland,Faroe Islands,east Ireland. And they arrived from Greenland at North America.

On the other hand, how about the Swedish viking? They went to northern Germany and Finland, the east Slav territory. They were concerned with the Russian national formation deeply for the beginning. And they reached Constantinople.

 The viking was the people who had prominent technology from the eighth century to the eleventh century.

My ancestral half is them. And my ancestral half is Japan. I have the friendly feeling that is strong in Japan and North European both.

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