SLRR Main Line(from Tuliptree to Imperial Station)

The south place of Tuliptree Station,the open space of VRC Ferry Terminal Tuliptree. Here was a building of Second Life Railway Commission before.

I stood up from a chair and walked towards the sea.

This is a pier of the ferries.

SLRR Tuliptree Station is the starting point or a terminal of SLRR.

 There is Virtual Railway Consortium (VRC) Headquarters in the other side of the station.

 I rezzed  my type10 train of the Enoshima Electric Railway. And I ran the SLRR main line to the west.

 I see a display locomotive of H8 Motors.

 Columbia is venerable SIM. However, there is deserted now.

Calleta Station. I used here well before as the starting point of my tour.

 Calleta’s Hobo Railroad Infohub.

 Solo`s Steam Engine Service.

 LIONHEART Estate Info Center.

The track lengthens toward the north.

The right is Hinamizawa Line(private).

 SLRR Neumoegen Station.

I arrived at my Imperial Station 🙂

I wrote about SLRR Main Line sometimes before.

SLRR:Heterocera Main line(May 21, 2010)

Heterocera : Main Line of SLRR( April 8, 2010 )

Ahh,I wrote it in English and Japanese at that time. However, it takes time very much.

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