Varför mannen ventilationsluckor själv i Stockholm?

All terrorisms are evil. Even if it is any kind of reason, it is not justified. The person of a certain Muslim who commented on this video wrote it as follows.

“I am Muslim and I hate those who explode bombs in the name of Islam, I love Sweden despite military presence in Afghanistan, fortunately no one died”

I think that most Muslims agree with him. It solves no problem to use the bomb in a peaceful place. The criminal seems to have scuttled himself/herself, but he misunderstands it about a role of Swedish Afghanistan force.

And the freedom of expression must be respected. The Taliban ever destroyed a Buddhist image in large quantities. The outlook on self-righteous religion produces a collision by all means.

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2 Responses to Varför mannen ventilationsluckor själv i Stockholm?

  1. Mera Kranfel says:

    Yes this is all very sad. But I agree we should not be in afghanistan. Its not our war. Not our business.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    What time can the human abolish war?
    When does the human stop violence?

    I know that Swedish officers and soldiers died in Afghanistan.
    And I know that Japan is considered to be negative against peacekeeping operation by many countries.

    I wish people break difficulty by generosity and patience.

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