I rode on Sleipnir which grew up for the first time. Sleipnir is a child between Storm and L. Sleipnir is Odin’s favorite horse originally. Odin  is a major god in Norse mythology. Sleipnir can run very fast, and it is said that it was able to fly in the sky. It is ideal for a horse in SL 🙂

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4 Responses to Sleipnir

  1. Vesper Kling says:

    Sweet horse and a very good name! =)

  2. ujiyasu says:

    And your sweet dog,too 🙂

  3. There was a sim called Yggrasil in SL… Not sure if it is still there, but u might wanna look for it and go there on your eight-legged horse.

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Eight-legged horse,yes 🙂
    It is possible for SL even to invite me to the world of the story.

    We spin many stories in SL.
    The possibility of the story is infinite.

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