Even if it is convenient for a Japanese…

SNS of the biggest in Japan,mixi fell by functional disorder for several hours. Plural data cache systems are terminated abnormally at the same time, and it is caused by the fact that load to the main body increased rapidly.

The Japanese who is the Japanese speaker who stood alone worldwide builds SNS which stood alone. The users who depended on only mixi suffered big damage. mixi is the tool which is many functions of including it by games, but there is uneasiness in the leak of the personal information.

Because it is closed electronic society only for Japanese, I don’t use it. It shuts in me in the small world…

I got an opportunity to chat with world people by logging in to SL. The virtual world including SL has big possibility. And it’s a grand communication tool with world people.

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2 Responses to Even if it is convenient for a Japanese…

  1. Love Medina… She’s on my iPod for sure…

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Medina Danielle Oona Valbak.
    She is age same as me 🙂

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