A Japan-U.S. joint unification military exercise

from DN.se

U.S. and Japan began on Friday, its largest ever joint military exercise. This while South Korea sharpens tone and threatens to retaliate against North Korea if the country is attacked again.

The Japanese-American exercise gathers 44 000 male, 60 warships and 400 aircraft to an exercise that will mark the 50th anniversary of the military alliance between the two countries. The exercise ends on 10 December.

Even before the exercise began criticized it in diplomatic terms of China by a spokesman for the Foreign Office suggested that all involved should think twice before staging an exercise in an area in need of peace and stability, the China Daily.

The tension in the area is high since North Korea November 23 fired fifty shells toward a South Korean village of Yeonpyeong Island, killing one soldier and wounding three difficult. On Thursday, said South Korea’s new Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin that the country was prepared to retaliate with air campaign, and “punish the aggressor forcefully” if something similar could happen again.

The practice is now starting between the U.S. and Japan is described as much larger than that carried out earlier this week between U.S. and South Korea. North Korea has previously reacted very negatively to higher military exercises in the vicinity.
from Sankei web

This practice is to back up South Korea at the same time to the effect ofraise Japan-U.S.alliance. China which is a North Korean ally is against the practice for granted. China suddenly escalates the navy recently. It’s the menace that is clear for Japan. And the Chinese expansion in armaments is becoming the menace for the Southeast Asian coutries.

Japan and Korea shares democratic sense of values with U.S.A. The Chinese arrogant claim contributes to Japan and American alliance reinforcement. It’s the result that is ironical for China.

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