Min Fenrir

 I purchased a new seaplane for the Mainland exploration. The German shipboard reconnaissance aircraft is Ar 196. Ar 196A3 by “te”Craft has some variations.

 I chose “Winter” from them. And I asked the scripter of Ar 196,myuki for some changes. It’s not usually accepted. She is one of my special friends. She excluded armament for the lightweighting of the seaplane. The armament is not necessary for a flight in Mainland. Then she added the name that I hoped for to the seaplane. I named Fenrir to my seaplane.

 I boarded my airplane and I started the engine and lengthened the main wing.

 Fenrir has a high retainer. Therefore, this can fly the top close to ban line.

 My Fenrir which does not have a weapon. However, the tusk is a high retainer.

 This wolf flies it without minding ban lines.

 This is a wolf optimized by the exploration.

 The instability in the border of SIM was wiped out by removal of the armament.

 The machine gun is already a fake.

 I let Fenrir land on the water of the lake.

The test flight of my Fenrir succeeded 🙂

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