Vikings believe robbed a woman in Vinland 1000 years ago

fron Verdens Gang

Vikings cruise robbed of their Indian women home to Iceland. How can it look after the Spanish and Icelandic researchers have looked at the DNA pool in Iceland.

The result of their investigations are published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, where they write that they examined DNA from 80 people from four families in Iceland. It turned out that they carry the DNA that is typical for American Indians or East Asians, which must mean that at least a man with such DNA must have found its way to Iceland.


The saga tells that women could be part of the Viking missions. They were not in the majority on board, but theoretically could a shield, as a female Viking warrior was called, have had with a native and come home pregnant. But it does not believe the scientists.

– First we thought that the DNA came from Asian families who recently had settled in Iceland, said the Spanish researchers Carles Lalueza-Fox at the Madrid-based research institute CSIC to Discovery News.

Mitochondrial DNA

But when the family stories were passed by the seams, it appeared that the four families had lived too long in Iceland that it was likely. The four families were descendants of people who lived in the same area west of the island, at least between 1710 and 1740.

DNA that was discovered is also a so-called mitochondrial DNA DNA that can be inherited only from women. So it must have been a woman who introduced genetic material.

Most Scandinavians

– Since the island was virtually isolated from the 900-number is most likely that these genes came from a Native American woman who was brought from America around the year 1000, says Lalueza-Fox, the Discovery.

Now he wants to investigate several Icelanders from the western region of the country. There, he expects to find more of the same DNA as that of the four families. And draw the lines even further back in time than the 300 years they all are safe.

The report says that 75-80 percent of today’s Icelanders can draw their family lines back to Scandinavia, the rest have Scottish or Irish origin. But that is a small drop of Native American genes.

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4 Responses to Vikings believe robbed a woman in Vinland 1000 years ago

  1. Vesper Kling says:

    Truly interesing Ujiy!! Amazing what they can find out with DNA =)

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Columbus who discovered the New World.
    It was world common sense for a constant period.
    However, it is common sense that Viking discovered the New World now.

    The new discovery is a special privilege given we human being.
    And it leads us to the search to the unknown world 🙂

  3. To me this is not very surprising. Back in school they told us about Columbus first, and then they talked about the vikings being there first. And ofcourse they brought back women. What else was there to take from New Foundland a thousand years ago? Still, interesting that it can be checked and verified using DNA.

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Eir kr orvaldsson, popular name Erik the Red discovered Greenland first. And his son, Leif Ericson discovered Canada Newfoundland. It’s already an established theory in the world history 🙂

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