Mina hästar och svenska

The hearing of Swedish is very difficult for me.

When I logged in to SL, happiness of my horses deteriorated. Does it raise their happiness that I spend with them?

I decided to spend it with them for a while. I watch a video of Swedish in the meantime. So that I understand hearing of Swedish more.

“Inte Frida.”

I understood that the girl of a yellow jacket was Frida from the words. Understanding of the vocabulary in Swedish is short to me. A high quality dictionary and the necessity of the glossographer…

Does the characteristic accent of Swedish seem to totally sing?

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10 Responses to Mina hästar och svenska

  1. Mera Kranfel says:

    Does it sounds like we sing when we talk do you mean?? =))

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Stressed syllables differentiate two tones in Swedish. It described as pitch accents. It resembles Japanese accent 🙂

  3. The swedish and the japanese sentences has the words in different order i think. That makes it a bit difficult too 🙂 But the accent is similar 🙂

  4. Anna Jameson says:

    If you want to learn some Swedish (Svenska) and like horses (hästar) then stop by.

  5. ujiyasu says:

    The Japanese has the word order that is totally different from Swedish.

    I hear the accent of Swedish for me very pleasantly 🙂

  6. ujiyasu says:

    Trevligt att träffas,Anna.
    Du rider en häst i verkligheten.
    Det verkar mycket spännande 🙂

    Och det är platsen namnet Helsingborg.
    Jaha,Jag måste titta på din blogg mer 🙂

  7. Dansk, Svensk, Norsk… same thing – only different, hihi. Try listening to Norwegians… We – in Denmark – think they sing even more than the sweet Swedes. Nå, men hej 🙂

  8. ujiyasu says:

    Yes,I know that people of Scandinavia talk by each language each other and understand.

    However, the Icelandic has difficulty with understanding for me 🙂

  9. Yeah. Icelandic is more difficult. It is closer to the old Norse Viking language than the other three Scandinavian languages.

  10. ujiyasu says:

    I like all languages of Scandinavia.
    I must study more 🙂

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