My horses : November 16

When I came home and logged in to SL, the IM from saved Nyan surprised me. She seemed to have looked at the state of my horses in the day. And she noticed lack of the bait of horses. When I watched my horses, there was not the bait. I went to buy bait hastily.

After I gave my horses bait, I went to the ranch of Sadako with Nyan. Nyan breeds her horses here.

I talked with them about a horse for a while and logged off. The night of the usual times has much housework in reality…

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2 Responses to My horses : November 16

  1. Vesper Kling says:

    I only have rabbits but they need food all the time!! Exhausting! =))

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Because the rabbits which you love are grazing animals, they always bite plants except a sleep.

    Of course my horses always eat. When they increase, my wallet lightens 🙂

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