President Obama in Kamakura

from Yomiuri News

“I revisit here and am very glad.”

The American President Mr.Obama visited Kamakura after APEC in  Yokohama. He dropped in at Koutokuin temple of the Kamakura. He seems to have visited here at the time of 6 years old. He came to like Green tea ice cream then.

He talked pleasantly with the chief priests in the precincts of the temple while eating it again. He took off a tie and was relaxed. Then he walked around a great statue of Buddha.

“I calm down very much.”

He said.

“I can revisit the grand inheritance of the Japanese culture and am glad. The beauty was confined to my memory during many years.”

Mr.Obama wrote it to the notebook of the temple. He took out 8,000 yen from the pocket of his pants and purchased the beads of the souvenir to Sasha with daughter Maria. He wrote the memory that dropped in at here as mother in hiz autobiography.

He approached the statue of Buddha again before leaving here.

Japan twists Japan-U.S. alliance for the Japanese stupid government. The Japanese citizen who supported the birth of the left-winger Administration in the last general election is sorry. I mentioned the danger of the existing government in the those days.

Many Japanese must have been made to realize the importance of the United States of America again. The friendly nation which is the most important for Japan is the United States of America.

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3 Responses to President Obama in Kamakura

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